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GNAM Italian Food app design

My role: UX Designer for visual design and assets in the GNAM Italian food app.

The goal: Make a convenient way to order gourmet level food for family meals.

Target audience: Busy professionals who value dinner time with family but do not have time to cook.

Key challenges:

    • Busy professionals are tired at the end of a workday to prepare a meal for an entire family.
    • Most fast-food is not healthy or made from quality ingredients

Research study details: People thought this would be a viable solution to their needs.

Paper wireframe


Low-Fi Prototype




User testing results: Original designs made a framework to build on. More detailed information was added in the usability studies.

 Conclusion: Creating a service with the aim of bringing busy families together over quality food was a great concept.

“A fun design that is actually making me hungry”