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Quick Response app

My role: UX Designer for visual design and assets in the Quick Response website and app.

The goal: Make a quick reference app that can be downloaded providing some steps to guide the responder in a medical emergency.

Target audience: People in hazardous occupations and anyone who wants to learn

Key challenges:

    • Find a way to order snacks prior to arriving and arrange pickup at the theater.
    • Develop a mobile version to order while user is at their seat.

Research study details: Interviews and empathy maps were created by me to better understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was adults who have risk in their occupations. 

Paper Sketches






User testing results: Original designs made a framework to build on. More detailed information was added in the usability studies.

Conclusion: This user group confirmed that access to a reference guide would be useful and promote peace of mind