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Finning requested something fun to give away as part of their 2020 Christmas campaign. Something that would work with coffee cards, branded swag, and generator giveaways. The solution was some old-school papercraft.

Creating this project from scratch involved creating a simplified structure of a Skid-Steer loader out of paper that can be folded into parts that fit together making a cool little model. Many roughs were developed and judged on scale, function and ease of building without glue or fasteners. The artwork was later illustrated over the blueprint and made available in PDF format for download. A supplementary illustration of the model in isometric parts, showing the folds required was developed for the instructions.

Several thousand downloads later, Finning received compliments on providing something fun for kids, and kids-at-heart, to have fun with. Future illustrations are being developed for other models and attachment upgrades.

Paper Model sketch
Paper Model Instructions
Paper model Build
Paper Model finished